Botox in the brain

Written by: Dr. Jesús Arcaya Navarro
Published: | Updated: 18/02/2018
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-Botox Botulinum toxin is one of their trading brands is injected in any striated muscle in the body to produce a neurological muscle located to prevent blocking acetylcholine release at motor nerve junction between a neuron and a muscle fiber.

Botulinum toxin Botox is useful in processes neurological where there is excessive muscle contraction. For example, orbicular face avoid hemifacial spasm or blepharospasm, an abnormality of the function of the eyelids causing involuntary contraction thereof; We avoid neck torticollis; and members can treat muscle spasticity after a stroke appears.

Botox is also used in not strictly neurological processes, such as wrinkles or urinary bladder incontinence, and some glands like the sweat.


Application of Botox in the brain

Botulinum toxin does not act directly on the brain but on the peripheral nervous system. Depending on the condition to be treated a treatment will be done or other. The result is not definitive, because the blocked nerve endings are replaced by new ones body between 3 and 10 months, depending on what kind of process is and the response of each patient.

Under the law, it is mandatory that the botulinum toxin administered, and that requires a precise knowledge of the dose a medical expert, the location and method of application. In addition, doses between different trademarks are not equivalent and have a maximum dosage. Your administration can be done in a doctor's office, requires no preparation or surgery.

Botox side effects are minimal and temporary.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Jesús Arcaya Navarro

Renowned specialist in neurology, Dr. Arcaya Navarro is an expert in the application of Botulinum toxin in neurological treatment. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery General Complutense University of Madrid, current head of the Unit Treatment with Botulinum Toxin Service of Neurology, University Hospital of Salamanca. He is currently a neurological specialist in this same hospital. Alongside his career, has been a teacher and lecturer in postgraduate training courses, roundtables and doctoral courses in twenty occasions.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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