Biofeedback, access to the domain of your brain

Written by: Emma Barthe
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The key to achieving your personal success, of achieving your goals of becoming a person, of living in well-being, of contributing to your health, depends to a large extent on your inner state. Science has shown that the use of bioinformation helps you achieve that particular mental state where everything is possible .

How? you will ask yourself. The answer is within you, in that wonderful and complex machine that is our brain. From our own physiology, human beings have been endowed with the necessary tools to develop as extraordinary and complete individuals.

Our brain produces constant electrical activity , which is expressed through brain waves of very low voltage. Our performance, our emotional balance, our behavior and attitudes towards life, our well-being depends on the type of wave that prevails at each moment. Through biofeedback training, the main instrument of bioinformation, we can learn to manage our brain activity at will, creating states that favor our balance and well-being, as well as having a positive influence on our quality of life.

The effectiveness of the use of Biofeedback has been amply demonstrated in the field of medicine, psychology, education and sports.

Fear, reactive emotion in situations that we value as threatening, the capacity for reflection, the ability to understand and finally the serenity of contemplative states are ways of responding to life events that respond to a specific wave frequency.  

We can manage our brain at will and program levels of activity linked to higher consciousness. Research dedicated to the analysis of the interactions between the brain and consciousness is booming and more and more scientists are broadening their vision of science to understand the complexity of the brain and its relationship with states of consciousness. The control of the mind can open the doors to a state of permanent grace. We must not underestimate our real abilities.

How Gurdjieff said: "Conscience is freedom, emotion is slavery, mechanics is nonsense" .

There are as many possible realities as there are ways of thinking. Our perception of reality depends on the level of consciousness from which we function.

Bioinformation in oncology

In the field of oncology, the benefits of bioinformation have been amply demonstrated. The National Cancer Institute, in the United States, considers bioinformation applied to the learning of relaxation, induced imagination and meditation a complementary therapeutic strategy of unquestionable efficacy.

Today we know that a relaxed brain minimizes the physical and psychological wear and tear that comes with facing situations valued as stressful ; that increases and improves the capacity of our immune system; that facilitates the release of endorphins and enkephalins that help control pain; that reduces the adverse effects derived from oncological therapy.

The use of Biofeedback is very useful in all those conditions or pathologies where the anxiety factor, certain patterns of behavior and ways of reacting to stress, have a determining role in the beginning or course of the disease, interfere with the effectiveness of a good medical treatment, reduce the quality of life or hinder the recovery of health.

On a psychological level, the benefits of applying Biofeedback are equally remarkable. The relaxation of brain activity facilitates self-confidence and self-esteem , favors the knowledge of oneself, increases the ability to solve problems and decision making among many other positive effects.

4 predominant wave types:

Beta waves, typical of the waking state, fluctuate between 12 and 30 Hertz. We can distinguish a low Beta frequency that is associated with relaxed attention; an average Beta frequency, with more vigilant attention and a high Beta frequency related to stress and anxiety states with a probability of inducing psychosomatic alterations. Normally Beta waves are the ones that happen during our daily activity wake up.

Alpha waves, between 7 and 12 hertz, produce an ideal state of consciousness, where our potential improves considerably. They are associated with creativity, lucidity, memory and concentration, optimal performance, mental and physical relaxation.

Gamma waves above 40 Hertz produce anxiety overflow, loss of control, aggression and panic.

Theta waves of 3 to 7 hertz correspond to a state of relaxation that reaches deep meditation and the contemplative state.

Finally, Delta waves, from 0.5 to 3 hertz are associated with deep sleep, as well as physical and mental restructuring. It has been shown that at these levels of brain activity the immune functions improve considerably.

To finish, a phrase from Muse-Dana: "What exhausts is not the tension but the lack of relaxation"

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Emma Barthe

Specialist psychologist in health and well-being. She is a pioneer in Spain in the use of bioinformation applied to physical, mental, emotional and affective wellbeing. Director and coordinator for several years (Los Angeles, St. Vincent Medical Center and The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine. Of specific programs in the field of the psychology of the health from the integrative vision (Teknon Medical Center, Hospital Mutua de Terrassa) .It is recognized its prestige in the field of the evaluation of the personality and the behavioral modification. And Director of the Center for Integral Psychology and professor of the subject of personal leadership in the program BCM Brand Community Management Postgraduate / Master Course of BES La Salle. She imparts seminars on a continuous basis aimed at health and wellbeing as well as self-knowledge and In addition, for the past 23 years, psycho-oncology has dealt with the relationship between Health status, disease and the promotion of healthy habits. Author of several books. More information on its website

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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