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The epidermal growth factor, is able to increase the skin thickness, elasticity and restoring firmness, reduce the effects thereon of cellular oxidation and remove wrinkles.

height The use of platelet rich plasma is very recent. Its discoverer: Dr. Eduardo Anitua, was the first to use them for the realization of oral implants. The result: a perfect dental implant. Then I will use in treating comminuted fractures Traumatology, ie made ​​cachitos. These extraordinary results made ​​the technique to be extended to other applications and medical disciplines. Hence, for example, ophthalmologists began using it to treat corneal ulcers and other eye damage and in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, does something more than three years, it is used to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, among other uses. The platelets release growth factors that are responsible primarily to stimulate cell regeneration, increase the formation of new blood vessels and produce new tissue. That is, activate the body in the area where they are released to help rebuild the damaged tissue, refreshing effect that is used to rejuvenate the skin.

One such factor, called epidermal growth factor, was first isolated and characterized as a polypeptide growth factor and is capable of inducing the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, stimulate angiogenesis and increase the thickness of the skin, restoring its elasticity and firmness, moreover, increases the vascularization of the area where it is applied, favoring the emergence of new skin, reducing the effects on the same cell oxidation and eliminating wrinkles.

Discovered in 1960, the Epidermal Growth Factor was a genuine revolution in the field of biology of the proliferation and keratinization of epidermal tissues, where it was observed that this protein accelerated the proliferation of the epidermis in any culture epidermal cells. So today, the magnificent results obtained with its application to accelerate the healing of burns, treat keloids, acne and stretch marks, improve the results of treatment of all types (including surgical ), favor the consolidation of skin grafts, so as post-peel application or treatment incorporated into cosmetic base, continue to surprise to the experts. This protein, especially produced in the glands of Brunner calls the duodenum and to a lesser extent in the submandibular glands, is found in almost all body fluids. In the case of skin, the results are even more spectacular because they appreciate easily regulate the remodeling of the epidermis and dermis and affect the appearance and texture of the skin. With these cell regeneration and improves skin is caused, because they produce a greater and more rapid revascularization of the same. Also stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans, collagen and elastic fibers required to replace the structures altered by aging.

Growth factors:

- Regulate functions essential for regeneration, remodeling and repair of tissues

- Have the ability to attract and guide the cells towards the place where they are needed

- Act in cell division to produce new cells

- Promote the development of new blood vessels

- Activate the synthesis of extracellular matrix

Hence the health professionals who use them for aesthetic and cosmetic applications involving:

- Increase in the thickness of the epidermis

- A recovery of its elastic consistency

- An improvement of revascularization

- Increased skin smoothness

Also favor a faster repitelizacion, decrease the discomfort suffered by the patient and improve the results of the different treatments. But what also is a great advantage is that being autologous, ie extracted from the patient, not cause allergies, rejection or disease transmission. This allows to state that there is no absolute contraindication in principle, since what used are the patient's own proteins. So it is useful for anyone, regardless of age or condition and almost any medical discipline, including aesthetics.

Function of PDGF ( growth factor, platelet-derived )

PDGF plays an important role in embryogenesis, particularly in the development of kidney, blood vessels, lungs and central nervous system. In these organs, PDGF is important for cells derived from connective tissue, including pericytes, alveolar fibroblasts, mesangial cells of the kidney and glia cells. PDGF also plays an important role in wound healing in the adult, as it stimulates mitogenesis and chemotaxis of fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells. Also stimulates chemotaxis of neutrophils and macrophages.

Ozone and growth factors

The reason that sometimes ozone used with growth factors, is because it is a powerful disinfectant, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and also has an extraordinary antioxidant capacity and therefore, while stimulating detoxification helps oxygenate the tissue. If the patient is already receiving ozone therapy sessions reserves a small amount of blood and is used to remove platelets from the blood and starting ozonated. The other option, if the patient is not subjected to a treatment of Ozone, is proceeding with the extraction of a little blood, platelets and then get ozonizarlas inside own syringe that is used for re-injection into the skin. Although the use of growth factors by themselves can already get excellent results, the cases in which it is enriched with ozone is due to other reasons, such as for those cases where extra support is needed to achieve the regeneration of the skin, this is the case of smokers or who have severe aging itself by excessive sun exposure.

¿Because growth factors are applied


height Once the patient is in the query is applied to the area to treat a numbing cream and let it acts a few minutes, the remaining time quietly relaxed. You are then extracted some blood in order to obtain almost on the fly, the platelet concentrate necessary. And once I got the plasma rich in growth factors, it is ozonized in the same syringe and then introduced into the dermis by microinjections spread in that area. After the application proceeds to put a relaxing and decongestant product on the treated skin. In total, since the patient arrives until they can move up a little over an hour.

It is easy to apply, because it can be performed in the office without danger to the patient or physician. And no side effects since it is an autologous implant. Therefore, there is no possible allergic reactions. The only possible"inconvenience"is that while the platelets are injected into the skin with a fine syringe, can be seen after treatment some tiny purple left by the needle point in the treated zone but rapidly disappears. All skins benefit from treatment, although it is almost more spectacular in highly damaged skins, that they are not both. A remarkable improvement is always obtained in the quality of the skin but is obviously not the same treat a well maintained 35 years, one of 60 that care has never been or is damaged by the effects of snuff or sun.

The skin, the younger is better answered. Keep in mind that it is not a cosmetic treatment that acts from outside. It is a natural and physiological treatment that uses our body 's own proteins, selected and concentrated, to repair the damage caused by the passage of time or solar injury. It takes patience. Growth factors have to act by stimulating the tissue;therefore there is no instant result. The effects appear with the passage of days and increase as these pass.

When platelets are used ozonated treatment is repeated every two months in order to allow the skin to regenerate. Normally 21 days between sessions enough, but with the ozonization stimulation is very intense and therefore more time passes, that regeneration is stable and thus re-stimulate on a better quality fabric.

Just three sessions

The result of the last session lasts a year or year and a half, at which a session will be required reinforcement. The results depend on the type of skin lesions that had before and the way of life of the person. Changes in some more healthy habits, such as quitting smoking or sun protection and in the diet, increasing the intake of fatty acids and antioxidants, for example, help overall health and of course, skin. Anyway, even if the patient is not willing to make those changes, the effects on the skin are good, regenerating and rejuvenating, because its action is local and physiological.

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