Benefits of Breast reduction

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
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What is breast reduction?

Castro saw reduction mammoplasty

Breast reduction is a surgical-aesthetic procedure performed to reduce breast size. The main reason for the operation is excessive breast volume from the rest of the body.

Usually this is done in women but, according to specialists in plastic surgery , also it has done in males suffering from gynecomastia, ie overdeveloped breast tissue or breast asymmetry.

Breast reduction with fatty tissue, breast tissue and skin is removed, and the position of the breast increases.


Problems of excess breast

The chest is very important in the life of a woman, so it is best that this is the size and shape that women want. In this sense, when a woman feels she is excessive breast may be uncomfortable and cause some problems as back pain, dermatitis on the submarine sucro, breast pain, alteration in the spine and even self-esteem issues, such as see lingerie she likes but she can not get because you need special fasteners.


Benefits of Breast reduction

For the woman who feels her chest is excessive breast reduction surgery is a rewarding. With this type of breast augmentation women you may have the desired chest and balanced with the rest of the body.

The most important benefits of breast reduction are:

  • Increased self-esteem, confidence and security of women herself.
  • They disappear back pain and neck
  • The dermatitis is deleted
  • Women feel they have a chest with a more proportionate to the rest of your body shape.


Treatment of breast augmentation

From Aesthetic Castro Sierra, the Ruber Clinic, whatever the treatment and patients' needs, recommend you to choose your surgeon well and that he of all the questions you might have informecon, as he will advise what is the best treatment for you.



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By Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
Plastic surgery

Renowned specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Castro Sierra has nearly 30 years experience. Graduate and Doctorate from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 1990. Currently serving your own clinic, Castro Sierra, one of the most advanced clinics in Europe, specializing in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction and lifting.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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