Advances in endoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive technique

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Casal Grau
Edited by: Top Doctors®

What is endoscopic surgery?

Endoscopic surgery is a surgical technique in which we introduce optical material for viewing and surgical material through small incisions to reach the lesion in situ, diagnose and treat it.


What advantages does it offer compared to conventional surgery?

Endoscopic surgery offers a series of advantages over conventional surgery. Although open surgery, or conventional surgery is our main weapon, there are times when endoscopic surgery is indicated. When this is the case, the advantages are indisputable. The minimal incisions make the complications associated with the wound practically nil and the aggression to the tissues is minimal, with which the recovery times are much shorter and the postoperative pains and the postoperative discomforts are much lower.


Endoscopic surgery offers a series of advantages over conventional surgery


In what cases can it be used?

Endoscopic surgery is becoming more frequent in all specialties of medicine. There are many traumatic lesions that can be treated by endoscopic surgery. Two good examples are the herniated disc -in the endoscopic surgery of the hernia we are able to extract the herniated disk practically without damaging any of the adjacent tissues- and another good example would be the injuries of the ankle, the subsequent impeachment, the sequelae of sprains , tendon entrapments ... multitude of ankle problems that today we can solve by endoscopic techniques.


What are the necessary care during the postoperative period?

The postoperative period of endoscopic surgery is much simpler than that of traditional or conventional surgery. First of all the recovery time is much shorter. And second, the complications associated with the scar and the damage of all the areas through which the injury was treated, are much lower. Finally, the times of incorporation or reincorporation to the usual activity or usual activities, in the case of athletes to sports, is significantly lower than with traditional surgery.

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By Dr. Ricardo Casal Grau
Orthopaedic Surgery

As an expert in arthroscopy , endoscopy and tenoscopy , Dr. Casal leads a team of specialists in the different areas of the specialty, particularly the spine, hip, knee, ankle and foot.

He directs a powerful spine unit, in which all conventional open techniques are performed, and in particular Endoscopic Lumbar Percutaneous Discectomy , being one of the few surgeons who perform it in Madrid and the first in Spain. The transforaminal endoscopy dominates in all its amplitude, thus opening a new field in the treatment of herniated disc and other diseases of the Spine.

It offers first level assistance with a thorough consultation, an accurate diagnosis and the selection of the appropriate treatment in each case. In short, a personalized and careful treatment. This really makes a difference in Dr. Casal's team.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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