Advances in breast cancer: breast cell surgery

Written by: Dr. Ramón Llull Cerdá
Edited by: Top Doctors®


From the point of view birth, how can you correct a tuberous breast?

Congenital tuberous breast deformity can be corrected if we have a fat graft is strong enough so that it can maintain its volume and vitality over time. This allows us, then, to go to work different areas of the breast that have not been developed and, at the same time to collect the nipple in a way that is not so herniated characterizes as tubular breast deformity.


Aesthetics, cell surgery to increase the breast

We can use the patient's own tissue, fatty tissue, to improve the shape and larger breasts. This is done by liposuction which allows for sufficient fat so we can inject in the same procedure to chest. In this way, we get a breast of a totally natural feel and physical behavior.


From the point of view repairman, breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery in cell

During the past years we have developed the technology to produce fatty tissue of the patient herself and enrich it with their own regenerative cells. The fat graft enriched and has two properties that we consider important to reconstruct a breast that has been sacrificed for cancer. One is that the volume that remains graft generates more and better, over time, more than any other technology heretofore published. The other property is that it affects in a positive way is the previously irradiated skin and restores its viscoelastic properties. With these two properties we can now undertake more natural reconstructions, much less aggressive in combination with prosthesis, flaps, etc. and get a more accepted reconstruction for the patient, with better quality of life, improving their clothing and self-esteem.

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By Dr. Ramón Llull Cerdá
Plastic surgery

Dr. Llull is a reference in the specialty of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He holds 2 patents, one of them related to adipose tissue stem cells, of which he is co-discoverer along with Dr. Adam Katz. He is a member of numerous prestigious societies. He currently directs Plàstica Dr Ramon Llull at the Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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