Advances in facial Bioplastia

Written by: Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The bioplastia facial is a technique cosmetic and facial rejuvenation character non-surgical, which is characterized by fast, effective and immediate, giving the patient a natural look. No need to cut or surgery, and is performed through biomaterial implants using a minimally aggressive process. Because over time we lose bone volume and that leads to sagging skin, with bioplastia injected particles that contribute to restore the volume of the bones of the face.

The most modern techniques used bioplastia sterile microfragments to restore bony facial structure. This technology was first applied in facial aesthetics with excellent results, a practice that was already used in dental implants.

Recipients bioplastia

Those with some asymmetry or wishing to fix any imperfection, are those who may need a facial bioplastia. And the facial bone contour bioplastia redefine any. Enhances the face, defined jaw, highlight cheekbones or chin projected. It is a simple intervention that does not last more than 15 or 30 minutes, which is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can resume your normal life immediately after referral to such INTERVENTION BY.

Risks and benefits of bioplastia

The bioplastia is a technique that stands out for no risk, because what are injected biocompatible elements. It is a technique that is painless and leaves no scar. The only indication that the patient must follow is to not take any medication before bioblastia, and follow the doctor's recommendations after surgery, that is, take a series of anti-inflammatory or Antibiotics.

While the results are noticeable almost instantly, inflammation suffered by the patient is minimal, besides presenting a youthful and natural look from the moment you end the intervention. You can also get on with life, because in no way disrupts normal activity.

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Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede

By Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede
Plastic surgery

Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede is a plastic surgeon and Repairer with over 20 years experience. "The art of plastic surgery is an exciting chapter that not only must know they must feel. Plastic surgery is pure plastic, is art, because something new is created, embellished forms, the natural perfection of the face and body searches. " Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede has lived like this profession since its inception, involved in the art of modeling and perfect bodies and faces with natural results.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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