Breast augmentation: how to choose the prosthesis?

Written by: Dra. Brianda Hurtado de Mendoza García
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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When a breast augmentation, one of the main questions that arise is choosing what type of prosthesis, which will be best suited performed.


Round or anatomical prosthesis


Implants can be round, with different projections and widths, or anatomical three dimensions to assess height, width and projection.

The size and shape depend on the measures of the patient, the chances of their tissues and expectations. Each case must be considered individually, according to the surgeon's experience in correcting certain asymmetries or deformities and according to the wishes of the patient and what you want to achieve with breast augmentation.

anatomic prosthesis


Silicone gel implants


The mammary prosthesis may be silicone gel, serum or polyurethane. Serum prostheses consist of a silicone envelope which is filled with saline to the desired size during surgery.

In Europe and particularly in Spain, the most commonly used prostheses are silicone gel which in turn can be smooth or textured cover.


Should we change every 10-15 years?


We must change if after routine checks of the breasts, such as ultrasound or mammography, problems are seen in the implant shell or within it. For this, the Gold Standard procedure is to do an MRI to quantify and assess the damage to the breast implant and also assess the need for replacement prosthesis. Definitely breast implants are not for life but can last between 15 and 20 years, even more. The prosthesis does not require any specific care but are inside your body and you should take care how you do with your body. Wear bra care is always part of your chest to prevent sagging problems over the years.

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By Dra. Brianda Hurtado de Mendoza García
Plastic surgery

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