Breast asymmetry

Written by: Dr. Carlos Tejerina Botella
Published: | Updated: 29/11/2018
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The symmetry in the breasts can never be complete, there will always be asymmetry. This pathology is treated in plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery .

breast asymmetry We note the mammary asymmetry as the alteration in some of its characteristics of a breast with respect to its contralateral. In every woman there is a certain degree of breast asymmetry, which may be visually imperceptible. Conceptually the breast symmetry can never be complete.

Tangible mammary asymmetry can be primary, when it exists as a consequence of asymmetric body development, or secondary to intercurrent processes such as surgeries, tumor processes, burns, accidents, etc.

The causes of asymmetry that affect the breast, can do to its content, (the amount and distribution of mammary gland and fat); continent (the skin that surrounds and supports it); the interactions between the two, determined by the ligaments and fascia of the breast; and adjacent structures such as the chest muscles, the rib cage or the situation of the spine itself. We must understand that breast asymmetry is not always directly related to the gland, but to all components of the breast and those that are directly or indirectly related to it.

Mammary asymmetries can occur due to different volume, different distribution of the same, which determines the projection, width and height of the breast, as well as the location and morphology of the mammary grooves, their relationship with the central axis of the body, complex areola nipple and the characteristics of the skin, in terms of quantity and condition.


Treatment of breast asymmetry

The treatment of breast asymmetry should be totally individualized, carrying out a detailed study of the patient, both at the breast level and the other structures. That way we can choose the best technique from among those available for the improvement of the asymmetric condition.

Of particular note is the use of prostheses, either in isolation for breast augmentation or associated with other techniques of redistribution of gland and skin such as pexia (elevation) and breast reduction in its different versions. The boom of the use of the own fat like breast filling gives us an extra weapon generally for its use in minor symmetries or as adjuvant to the previous ones.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Carlos Tejerina Botella
Plastic surgery

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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