Surgery and knee osteoarthritis works

Written by: Dr. Emilio José Salmerón Martínez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In recent years, the prosthetic knee surgery has managed to change the lives of millions of people around the world who suffered from limited mobility and ambulation very important.

Surgery knee osteoarthritis

Surgery Knee osteoarthritis is a safe surgery, with comparable to those of any prosthetic surgery very contrasting results, and joy returned as we have indicated in these patients. The new prosthetic designs, improved tribology and more optimized use of materials, much improved in these first results.

Perhaps the most important achievement of recent years is the increased longevity of implants and improved mobility achieved with the systems.

It however is a demanding surgery, and complications, when they occur, are not trivial. It is therefore important to inform the patient of all possible avatars that may arise and be solved.

It is very necessary to study your particular case, since the choice of prosthetic model more in line with the patient's needs will be carried out after a thorough preoperative study.

How they work the knee

The prosthesis can improve the deviations of the axes of the members, such as legs twisted inward, outward, vicious positions, etc. Its main objective is to relieve pain in these cases.

It is very important postoperative rehabilitation, and should follow a very thorough and methodical program where the patient is highly motivated and very participatory. The most important thing is not roam quickly with two canes, but get a good range of motion, reaching ambulation later without problems.

For the best integration of the implant, it is customary to keep two poles for a month and a cane for another month. It is also common keep antitromboembólicos orthotic devices during this period to facilitate blood circulation, which is often compromised and altered after surgery.

If the patient follows all instructions of your surgeon, he explains well the procedure, possible complications and solutions, is motivated to achieve the best outcome ... .; the standard will be the success of the surgery.

Given the success of the technique, extending even to people getting younger, and in recent years using of femoral-patellar or Unicondylar devices, with which we hope to achieve similar results.

The results of these procedures and more information on the website:

And in the blog:

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Emilio José Salmerón Martínez
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Salmeron is a top orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee surgery, hip, hand, foot, shoulder and spine level. His extensive career allows you to practice as a trauma in his own practice of Murcia. He has acquired his experience and degree of specialization with the best professionals, nationally and internationally. Even, he has worried about teaching, as a Professor of Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system at the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM), in addition to other teaching positions. He is active member of several societies for traumatology and surgery member.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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