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Much of the success of the use of SkinCeuticals is due to the use of antioxidants, what is an antioxidant?

Antioxidants are molecules that are able to stabilize the reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, which are in turn one of the causes why the skin ages. These highly reactive molecules are capable of mating with many structures of the epidermis and dermis, especially with the DNA producing mutations and subsequently skin damage that causes aging, tumors, activation of dermal enzymes such as metalloproteases that digest collagen, and if we are able to stabilize all these highly reactive structures, and this we achieve with antioxidants, we will limit the epidermal and dermal damages produced by reactive oxygen species.

What are the benefits of antioxidants for our skin?

Our skin is equipped with natural antioxidants, we all have these antioxidants, what they have to do is block reactive oxygen species from the metabolism or from the damages of ultraviolet radiation and protect the skin from its deleterious effects. However, the problem of natural antioxidants is that they are rapidly depleted especially when the skin is subjected to significant oxidative stress such as that produced by ultraviolet radiation.. When we apply topical antioxidants, what we are doing is to reinforce a natural equilibrium that breaks down rapidly with ultraviolet radiation and allow us to expose ourselves to important oxidative stresses without reactive oxygen species damaging our skin.

What is different about SkinCeuticals antioxidants?

The application of topical antioxidants is extraordinarily controversial because it is very difficult to achieve a stable formula. There are very few formulas on the market that have demonstrated their stability on the one hand, on the other hand their ability to penetrate the skin and, on the other hand, their ability to once penetrate the skin to exert their antioxidant action, demonstrating this action antioxidant as photoprotective effect, that is, as prevention of mutations produced by ultraviolet radiation, as prevention of the creation of metalloproteinases induced by ultraviolet radiation, and reduction of the number of sunburn cells after ultraviolet irradiation.

In the case of SkinCeuticals antioxidants, this is achieved thanks to the Duke patents, which are formulation patents that consist of the formula with high concentrations of antioxidants with very low Ph, which achieve a balance, a cocktail and the combination of several antioxidants for example vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid, or vitamin C and floretin, which are cocktails of antioxidants that give the formula enormous power on one side and great stability on the other. In both cases, these formulas, apart from being stable and powerful, what they have shown is a photoprotective effect in vivo.

One of the flagship products is the floretin CF serum, what is the key to its success?

Floretin CF is an antioxidant with enormous potency. The key to its success is due to different reasons, on the one hand to its great antioxidant power that can multiply up to 8 natural defenses of the skin against ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, its excellent cosmeticity and its effects in the short term on the luminosity and texture of the skin. But another of the effects that I as a dermatologist take more advantage is that in difficult situations to treat in the consultation such as melasma, which is a condition that recurs and relapses despite the treatments and that relentlessly each summer reappears in the face of many women, when one keeps the skin antioxidant for a reasonable period, such as 5 or 6 months, perhaps permanently, it is achieved that these patients have much lower recurrence of melasma in the summer months or at least if his melasma relapses in a much less intense way and this is a practical application of the product that I find very interesting.

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 Redacción de Topdoctors

By Redacción de Topdoctors

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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