Faced with a breast augmentation What should you consider?

Written by: Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
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The desire to look good and to please makes many women want to undergo breast augmentation. This surgical technique must be performed by a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery .

Here are answers some of the most frequently asked questions in consultation by patients who are undergoing a breast augmentation.


¿Breast prosthesis breast prosthesis round or pear shaped?

breast enlargement The type of breast prosthesis the specialist chosen depend, firstly, the desire of the patient. The difference between a breast prosthesis and another is very subtle. The round fills a little the upper pole and the anatomical, known as "pear - shaped" raises more rounded and the lower pole. With both prostheses the result of breast augmentation it is very good.

The difference can be seen especially in the lateral view chest. If the patient seeks a very natural result or a patient who decides postlactancia chest surgery, it is better to indicate pear-shaped prosthesis. In the case of younger patients who have not had children and seeking to increase their breast is more common choose round breast implants, since these patients already have a rounder breast and intended result is to increase it.


What is the difference between rough and smooth breast implant prostheses?

The difference between breast prostheses rough and smooth texture is the outer shell of the prosthesis. The roughened breast prosthesis is devised to achieve greater adhesion of the implant to the tissues and thus prevent the mobility of the prosthesis into the pocket. The patient should not notice the prosthesis: prosthetic gland and should be a unit. There are studies that suggest that also reduces the risk of capsular contracture or hardening medium to long term. Sheath smooth breast prostheses is softer and less resistant to wear and tear of the prosthesis. They are mostly used when the surgeon chooses the axillary approach for placement because glide better.


Is it better to place breast implants behind the muscle or front?

Decide which plane breast implants depends on several factors are placed.

  • The anatomy of the patient: If the patient is a very thin woman, barely mammary gland and with very thin skin, it is preferable to place breast implants under the muscle for greater coverage and that the result is more natural.
  • It depends on the type of breast implant chosen: If breast implants are used in the form of pear, subfascial plane is preferred to maintain the muscle unscathed. If the patient likes more the way round gives the breast prosthesis, you can choose the submuscular for the upper pole of the implant is more covered. If the patient is very athletic, you try to keep the muscle in place.

It is true that if breast implants are placed under the muscle remain unchanged for longer, because always done on two fronts. the lower edge of the pectoral muscle is cut, retracts and covers the upper edge of the implant and the lower two thirds heal with the patient's own gland.


Are breast implants have to change from time to time?

If a patient operates very young, of the wear of the prosthesis, he will also suffer changes in your chest. These changes are marked by variations in weight and pregnancy. Probably after 20 or 25 years it will be necessary to raise a touch. By contrast, patients operated after pregnancy, if they maintain their weight, the result will be stable for many years and probably will not require further surgery.


What is the probability that a breast prosthesis breaks?

The probability of rupture of a breast prosthesis is minimal. Experts say that this possibility is given only if there is a manufacturing defect or accidentally pricked. The pressure does not affect breast implants. After undergoing a breast augmentation it is possible to get on a plane or diving.

Over the years, breast prostheses suffer damage or wear of the envelope. This means that an increase in pressure, then, after 20 or 25 years of placement could reach break; but not always.


Augmentation and Breastfeeding

Undergoing a breast augmentation does not prevent breastfeeding in most patients. In cases of tuberous breasts or Mastopexies in which is to reconstruct the breast plus the prosthesis, there are internal scars that hinder draining milk to the nipple. Increases the risk of mastitis or milk cysts. This is because the gland and skin are inflated and deflated several times a day, which increases skin flaccidity. firmness is also lost in the gland.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Plastic surgery

Dr. Salvador López is one of the most recognized specialists. She dedicates herself exclusively to facial and body aesthetic surgery and to breast reconstruction as a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Corachan Clinic in Barcelona. His experience has also made him part of the Breast Cancer Committee of the same center. His areas of interest are cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, breast reconstruction and lower limb reconstruction. Likewise, she also works at GinePlástica, the female intimate surgery unit at the Corachán Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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