Before large celebrations cases of allergy to seafood and nuts increase

Written by: Dra. Vanessa Tovar Flores
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Often during big celebrations like Christmas or family reunions consumption of nuts and seafood, especially shellfish such as shrimp, prawns, etc. and thereby promote increased cases of food allergy increases.

Symptoms of food allergies

The intake of nuts and seafood is one of the main causes of food allergies in children and adults. In fact, in children it occurs most often after egg allergy and milk. Symptoms most often tends to produce a food allergy usually pruritus, ie, itching at the time of eating food; swelling of tongue or lips, hives, even the appearance of anaphylactic or anaphylactic shock boxes, which are extremely dangerous and can lead to cardiac arrest shortly.

Relationship between mite allergy and seafood

In areas where the primary cause of respiratory allergy is allergy to mites, there is a remarkable percentage of patients also develop allergies to shellfish, crustaceans basically. This is because there is cross-reactivity between crustaceans and mites which causes the allergy to one of them, can also become another.

Other respiratory allergies can also end in nut allergy, in this case, pollen allergy. This is due to the same reason as in the previous case, cross-reactivity; a respiratory allergy to pollen can lead to allergies nuts. Along these lines, specialists Allergology recommended, following the advice of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, children under five do not eat whole nuts, not the risk of allergy, but the risk of Choking.

For any type of allergy advice offering all the specialists is getting to an appropriate expert to study and to provide the most effective treatment for you.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Vanessa Tovar Flores
Allergy & Immunology

Alergologia specialist, Dr. Tovar Flores is an expert in wealth as respiratory treatments, medicines or additives, food and skin allergies. Also makes neumoalergenos immunotherapy treatments and studies on different allergies. He is currently a member fundandora Allergic Pathology Center, the only center in the Balearic Islands that makes the induction of tolerance in patients with persistent food allergy, especially to milk and egg.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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