Anxiety, feeling that the goal is not reached

Written by: Dr. Héctor Grimberg
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

Anxiety is a natural emotion that occurs when the individual perceives a threat. The body is ready to react to situations of risk, such as hearing a strange noise during the night or explosion. Sometimes the body reacts before situations not risk as when you're in a hurry and you wonder if you'll be late for the train. This tension unnecessarily and repeatedly and lasting active causes alterations emotionally (fear and / or worry) and physiological level (tachycardia, sweating, headache and / or diarrhea).One of the elements that particularize anxiety is the time. The person feels that the goal will not be achieved in the time available; really time is never enough.

Anxiety overwork

Often overwork is not recognized as such, they are rather relatives who refer to this situation. The word mark overexertion excess exposing anxiety, because the time factor is not reached feel that the goal is a precipitating factor in anxiety situations. It manifests irritability, insomnia and consumption of tranquilizers or alcohol.Because of the anxiety, the person loses the ability to think and feel, so what may be an option experienced as an obligation. The person feels trapped in a situation. It is important to pleasant leisure spaces and accompanying emotional ties.


Treatment for anxiety

Proper treatment for anxiety within the Psychiatry is psychotherapy. In some cases, it is necessary to resort to medication because the symptoms are severe and generate great suffering. Psychotherapy is aimed to recognize personal issues that motivate or are present in situations of certain requirements.Normally, when a personal investigation of the patient's history is family factors or traumatic situations that have generated a basic insecurity or ways of coping that come from a long time ago recognized.If anxiety is not treated in time, an important requirement occurs in organic systems can generate tables of hypertension, endocrine dysfunction, obesity, addictions and, above all, live with continual family conflicts.


Edited by Noelia García Pino

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Héctor Grimberg

By Dr. Héctor Grimberg

Dr. Grimberg is an internationally renowned specialist in individual therapy as depression or anxiety and in the field of group therapy with psychodrama techniques. His extensive experience, both in Spain and Argentina, also includes several plays and numerous first class presentations and participation in conferences and round tables.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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