Alopecia in women, when baldness is a female problem

Written by: Dr. Alejandro Camps Fresneda
Edited by: Top Doctors®

It is normal for hair to fall. Throughout life, all change the entire body hair. Typically the hair also repopulate again. If this does not happen is because the fall behind, there is a more complex process and a possible alopecia. Some men are used to it, but when is a woman who suffers a devastating psychological effect is usually. Dr. Alejandro Camps, pioneer in Spain in hair transplant and member of Top Doctors, explains the importance of nutritional supplements to stop hair loss and hair transplant characteristics in women.

¿For hair loss that occurs in women


The fall of hair is the most common seasonal. It is very common that when autumn approaches, many women come to consultation on this issue but this type of fall is normal and that hair will return to repopulate. At other times, it may be a more complex and sometimes mistakes hormonal process, eg polycystic ovary a fall can result in hair. Also may occur through menopause, to reduce estrogen in women, then starts a androgenic alopecia should be treated as such. In any case, the physician must be alert to detect the origin and it can be treated.

¿What can you do to avoid falling ?¿Nutritional supplements are important for braking


Sure, you can prevent hair loss and slow. What matters is that we face alopecia and nutritional supplements are very welcome at all. Its intake is very noticeable seasonal fall but they also have a place in androgenic alopecia. There are nutritional supplements that help stop hair loss due to its content of B vitamins, zinc, sulfur amino acids, trace elements that stimulate hair regeneration. Also we will consider the inhibitors of 5αreductase and getting hyaluronic acid hydrate and protect the hair.

¿Nutritional supplements are the same for both men and women


The hair loss is different in men and women and so are their needs. There are certain moments in the lives of women such as hormonal imbalances, menstruation, lactation or stress- few where the hair loses strength and is over- fall. What's more, there are supplements that are designed and made ​​for them. Among which are noteworthy Pilopeptan Woman is well received by patients in different circumstances because it suits your needs. Besides having B vitamins and hyaluronic acid hydrolyzed gelatin is rich in keratin, sulfur amino acids, antioxidants such as selenium, folic acid and specific accessories for women that help to better give the appearance of hair as it may be taken during the lactation, a diet or they can ingest women with diabetes.

¿How long you need to take nutritional supplements for hair loss


The effects becoming apparent after the first month of treatment, but it is advisable to continue the intake for a minimum of three months, so supplements can act and healthy hair recovers. You should always take a tablet with breakfast.

¿Which is better, taking supplements or using an anti fall shampoo


It is important to note that nutritional supplements help hair grow healthier by providing the necessary nutrients from within. The shampoos and topical products complement oral contribution. To enhance nutritional intake, we recommend care hair and apply the right products. Within the range of Pilopetan Woman, have also created a line of shampoo and mask, to help slow the fall and regrow hair. What you get is a hair nourished from the inside to the outside as they are also products that stimulate the blood supply and activate the hair follicle.

When a woman has a very advanced alopecia,¿, can use a hair transplant to replenish lost hair


Needless to lose all hair. When clearing, women already are distressed and normal, because they are accustomed to look with hair. Seek care when they still hair left, but see that it starts to get light and transplantation is very grateful, because this is what they have lost densify density. The light contrast to the scalp and if there we implanted hair will break this input light with a great satisfaction for the woman.

¿As this hair transplant is done


Hair transplant is to get hair in areas where hair does not usually fall, as is the back of the head and sides, and implement it in areas with missing and where the hair falls into the common baldness ie top and front of the scalp. These are the areas that typically will deal with a transplant.

¿There are scars


No, no scarring. In women we are interested in implementing a lot of hair, and the transplant requires extraction techniques with an abundance of donor site, from which we extract. As we want this hair in quantity, we removed by a strip that leaves spaces is tightly closed, and no sequel is not appreciated.

¿The transplanted hair grows like the rest of the hair ?¿It will fall again


The transplanted hair carries the rhythms of the site from which it comes, therefore there will fall permanently, will live as long as he had lived in their home. It will fall to be renewed as we drop all but the important thing is will he come out. Throughout life, we all change completely our body hair several times.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Alejandro Camps Fresneda

Dr. Camps is an eminence in Dermatology. He has more than 30 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in different fields of the specialty. In particular, he is an expert in hair transplant, trichology, Mohs surgery, laser, alopecia, skin cancer or skin spots. In fact, he was a pioneer in Spain in the surgical treatment of skin tumors, with Mohs micrographic surgery, the treatment of dermatological pathology with selective lasers and in hair transplant technologies. He is currently the medical director of Dermalás Dermatological Clinic, located in the Teknon Medical Center.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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