Some factors affecting live longer and better

Written by: Dr. Julián Bayón Plaza
Edited by: Top Doctors®

We all want to live longer and better, there are determining factors that condition living more or less years, as well as having a more or less full life. Due to the experience in the research of communities with a higher percentage of long- lived people , there is no common and responsible factor in all of them, but there are a number of factors, some of them common and others specific to each community.. They are factors related to a healthier life, better nutrition, lack of stress, physical exercise on a regular basis and the important role of the elderly within that society even in spite of the years, with daily obligations that force them to be always active and living always in family with the constant support of the whole family.

DNA also influences. We know that the importance of genetics is around 25%, the rest 75% are habits. What happens lately is being given more and more importance to how these habits can influence DNA through what is known as epigenetics that is how those habits act on certain genes activating or silencing them.

About the debate to retire before or after a trade or activity, will be conditioned by the type of activity, is not the same as a person engaged in mining chopping coal, another who develops his work sitting at a table. But in general it is always better to have an activity of whatever kind that requires you to have to get up daily with some goals to fulfill and when you can not do some, look for others that are adopted to the possibilities at that time of each person. Forbidden to have nothing to do.

In this stage of retirement what can not be missing is the curiosity to learn new things, the illusion to do it and the motivation to get it. While not missing any of the three the person will still feel young and that even affects the physical aspect. The person who cares, feeds correctly, avoids toxins, exercises, is not stressed and enjoys working, has a much younger physical appearance since the skin is a reflection of the internal situation of the body .

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Dr. Julián Bayón Plaza

By Dr. Julián Bayón Plaza

His career has led him to conduct Aging Unit of Clinica Planas known. He is also a member of numerous prestigious scientific societies at national and international level. He is an expert in nutrition and anti-aging anti -aging treatment. Through extensive testing, a picture of a human body is drawn, to identify and correct anything that may shorten your life or affect their welfare. Comprehensive treatment that will help you live longer and better is then designed

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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