occupational allergies, the reality for many workers

Written by: Dra. Elena María Reina Ariza
Published: | Updated: 12/11/2018
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Occupational allergies are those that occur at work. People can be affected by whether the conditions of the place in which they work, substances used during the day and the state of health of the employee.

occupational allergy


The most common disorders

Occupational asthma is one of them, divide into two types. Characterized by the incubation period is known as allergic asthma. Instead, it caused by irritants called induced asthma.

Occupational rhinitis is one of the important. An accurate and early identification is an important and useful step for early diagnosis and prevention of occupational asthma.

• Within the occupational allergic dermatoses, allergic dermatitis, protein, urticaria and Airborne are the most common. Apart from these, irritative dermatitis is also very common among workers.

• Among ocular allergies include acute conjunctivitis, atopic keratoconjunctivitis and the vernal, giant papillary conjunctivitis and contact dermatoconjuntivitis.

Occupational risk factors increase or decrease depending on the agents to which the worker is exposed. Substances and products that most commonly cause allergic processes are very different. However, more often than chemical, flours, hair laboratory animals, dyes and sprays are the most common.

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By Dra. Elena María Reina Ariza
Allergy & Immunology

Dra. Reina Ariza has more than 10 years dedicated to the medicine, specializing in Allergology and Occupational Medicine. Within its first specialty, the doctor treats diseases such as rhinitis, atopic dermatitis and asthma, allergies to medications and food. It has also been linked its two specialties dedicated to allergic diseases related to work. The doctor is a complete professional, well-trained in their field and able to speak several languages, which the approaching international patients.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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