Allergy, types and causes

Written by: Dr. Miguel Añó García
Edited by: Top Doctors®

An allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs when the body comes into contact with something specific; either a food, a type of material, a type of flower, etc. There are allergies, with time and good treatment, may disappear.


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The allergy study the development of an allergy. This can be caused by genetic predisposition or by environmental factors. Among the environmental factors may influence both the environment and the type of food, exposure to pets and even the height of the floor where you live in a big city.


Most common allergies

The most common allergies in infants are food allergies, while in children and adolescents are pneumoallergens, which are particles found in the environment.

In infants, the most common food allergy is milk protein specifically to cow's milk. As the baby grows is introducing new foods to your diet and immune system matures at the same time you can also recognize some of them as strangers. Thus, in young children the most common food allergies are milk, nuts, fish, eggs and legumes. In adolescents, the pneumoallergens are the most common type of allergy.


Diagnosis of allergy

The increase in the number of allergies has facilitated its diagnosis, as this has served to give to know more. When a patient comes to the consultation, the specialist will conducting a study from the surface to the depths. A detailed history and physical examination with what is to look for something in particular or see something that should be normal is abnormal is performed.

Once the medical history and physical examination, all necessary tests are performed. We then reach a diagnosis in order to indicate the most appropriate treatment for the patient. In treatment standards avoidance, symptomatic treatment and, in some cases, the etiological treatment of the house with antigenedesensibilizante vaccination included.


Selection allergy treatment

Treatment should be individualized, dynamic and agreed. It must be individual because each patient has its own peculiarities regarding the disease. On the other hand, you can not put a treatment to a patient and forget, it is to see the evolution of allergy treatment to go conforming to emerging needs. And finally, it is necessary to agree with the patient treatment because, for example, some people do not know how to use an inhaler.


A allergy can disappear?

Yes and no. Depends on the type of allergy, the type of allergen, when it was diagnosed, the type of treatment and the patient's own. There allergies may disappear as in the case of milk and egg. Allergy is less common vegetables disappears. But the most difficult to disappear are allergies to nuts, to fish and pneumoallergens as pollen, dust mites and dander. It is much more common than an allergy disappears in a baby or small child, not a teenager.

A properly treated allergy symptoms stop producing the patient and even with appropriate treatment could eventually stop needing long-term medication. However, if the diagnosis has been made so late it causes it to be harder to evolve their disappearance.

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By Dr. Miguel Añó García
Allergy & Immunology

Specialist in Allergology and its pathologies derived in adults and children, Dr. Añó García has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Cantabria and specialized in the University of Pamplona. He has alternated his professional career, currently more than ten years, with teaching at the University of Navarra. In addition, he has studied a multitude of refresher courses on his specialty, has published various articles in magazines and books and made many communications and presentations.

Currently part of the medical picture of AlergoCantabria .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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