Healthy diet: the problem of disproportionate sugar intake

Written by: Dr. Luis Almagro López
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In recent years the specialists in nutrition and dietetics are waging a real battle against simple sugars, that excessive consumption may lead patients to suffer from overweight and obesity, as well as causing other diseases related to increased body fat and increased rates of insulin.


Where is the sugar?

Sugar is not only in teaspoons or birthday cakes. The problem with sugar and substances that behave as such they are very frequent. Most of these substances are unknown to much of society, and many appear hidden in products where they are not expected. It is a betrayal sugar.

In principle, when speaking of these substances include glucose and fructose, sucrose (known as the table sugar) and sugars present in honey, syrups and fruit juices and concentrates. These substances are added to many foods and preparations to enhance their sweet taste and appear more attractive. For example soft drinks, breakfast cereals, breads and pastries and sauces industry.

More concrete examples of these products are:

  • skimmed yoghurt. In some cases reach more than 15 grams of sugar per container. This is the equivalent of two packets of sugar.
  • whole grains. Usually they contain between one and two packets of sugar per serving.
  • Low-sugar drinks. For some soft drinks that are advertised as low in sugar, the reality is that they have more than 15 grams of sugar per can content.

This list also not mentioned at any time to the refined white flours containing many of these products, and that behave much like sugar.


How to Avoid excess sugar

The best advice is to read nutrition labels carefully industrial products. Especially in those where the advertising message states that are products with 0% sugar, low fat, low sugar, sugar, light and a long list of synonyms. If they are really have an obligation to prove. Otherwise it is false advertising.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Luis Almagro López
Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Almagro Lopez is a renowned specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics that has over 25 years experience in the treatment of obesity and overweight, including counseling approach and slimming programs. The doctor is a prestigious professional who always tries to find the most appropriate solution for each patient based on their characteristics, providing constant support throughout the process. In addition, he is a member of several national associations of specialty.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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