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Changes in the behavior of children, nightmares, somatic pains and little desire to go to school are some of the signs that usually correspond to bullying. A child who suffers harassment should be clothed and not feel guilty. Parents and teachers must work together to end the bullying situation.


What is considered bullying?

Bullying is considered to be any conduct that an individual or a group of individuals makes to a similar or a group of fellows with the sole purpose of harming that person. It can be physical abuse or verbal abuse with insults, threats or even coercion.


The consequences of bullying can persist even in adulthood 

What is the consequence of harassment in children who suffer it?

The psychological consequences of people who suffer bullying are mostly emotional, with an increase in significant anxiety, also an increase in feelings of low mood that can lead them to have low self-esteem, sometimes even stress post -traumatic with the presence of flashbacks, appearances with nightmares and night terrors and especially with an attempt to avoid or escape when going to school.


What is the therapy?

The therapy focused on what bullying is always usually carried out in three ways, not only an intervention with the child, but also at the level of the school environment, it is very necessary to talk with all the people who are present in that school environment. teachers, as tutors, as directors, to establish a plan of action that surrounds not only the child but also a whole class group. Also important is family-level treatment in which children and families are given the necessary skills so that later that child can be reinforced by the family environment and generalize to the school environment those skills learned.. And finally, of course, the child's own abilities with a psychological intervention at the individual level.


For parents, how can they know if their child is being bullied? What should they do to avoid it?

At the time of detecting bullying parents know very well when something happens to their son, they see him more withdrawn, they see him more downcast with a sense of apathy, he does not feel like doing anything, they probably look for excuses to be late to school ... It is quite normal to observe in children a change in behavior in things they once liked and now they do not like them, and emotionally it is quite representative when a child starts to have more habitual nightmares than normal, lack of appetite when eating. .. all these are signs that something is happening to that child. Normally children who suffer bullying are usually children who do not tell their parents what happens to them, either because of shame, or because of fear of reprisals from their peers, therefore, it is very important when this change in behavior occurs. child speak directly at school if they have observed some kind of strange pattern or threat from their classmates because if it is true that this withdrawal can lead to the child not trusting their teachers at the time of telling the problem so same. It is very important, as I said, the relationship between teachers and parents.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Juan José Carral Hernández

By Juan José Carral Hernández

Featured psychologist with extensive experience in family and couples therapy, bullying and other disorders in clinical psychology. Collaborates in the research team of the Institute of the Family of the Pontifical University of Comillas, and practicing psychologist two prestigious centers of Madrid.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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