It hyaluronic acid:What are they used for?

Written by: Dr. Moises Amselem
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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The hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists naturally in our body. It is found in various tissues such as skin, cartilage or in the connective tissue of the spine.

Our body makes itself its hyaluronic acid, although over the years lost the power to do so in such quantities. This causes the skin and other tissues where it comes to age and deteriorate, since a low level of hyaluronic acid means that the tissues lose their capacity to retain water. In the case of skin, that produces wrinkles, sagging and loss of firmness.

When performed aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid , a filler that also moisturizes the skin of the treated area is obtained. The visual effects are the appearance of a more supple skin and fewer grooves, or larger volume and thickness.


¿What use, then you can give the hyaluronic acid


• Facial Fillers:Used popular way to fill an area of the face that presents little volume. Among the most treated areas are lips, cheeks and nose.

• Facelift:likewise, this substance is used for facial rejuvenation without surgical intervention, as hyaluronic acid is perfect for removing wrinkles and furrows in areas such as the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and lips


• Rejuvenation in other areas of the body:hyaluronic acid is not only used in the rostr, or it can also be used to reverse wrinkles in areas such as the neck, chest and hands



¿In what way these treatments are performed


The treatments with hyaluronic acid are very simple. Are performed with the help of microcannulas, very thin needles that allow injecting the substance on the region. The small size of these injections decreases the treatment time and pain, so it is not necessary to use anesthetic. Its application is usually fast and leaves no signals such could be bruising or redness.


¿But what are the advantages of hyaluronic acid


Among the advantages of this substance emphasizes the naturalness of treatment that provides elasticity to the skin and stimulation in the creation of collagen. In addition, this type of filling is always temporary, as the hyaluronic acid naturally reabsorbed over the months.

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By Dr. Moises Amselem
Aesthetic Medicine

Renowned doctor, innovator in various techniques for aesthetic medicine and scientific advisor of the major pharmaceutical companies. His reputation has made has numerous publications in scientific and general media magazines. Since 2011 runs his own private clinic in Madrid where he developed all kinds of facial and body treatments and also has a teaching area which provides training to doctors around the world

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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