Addressing depression: the importance of psychiatric and family support

Written by: Dr. Héctor Grimberg
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

Depression is a disease included within called affective disorders. In its most aggravated variant there is major depressive disorder, characterized by sadness, listlessness, lack of energy or fatigue, ideas pessimistic tone, low self - esteem, feelings of guilt and may have thoughts of wanting to die. Its causes are multiple but, according to the theory which addresses, it is considered that a deficit of serotonin or catecholamine level synaptic gap may be the main reason.

loss situations, which are significant for each person are also included. Each individual creates a distinct feeling the fact of losing a job, a family, or even a pet. It differs from mourning while the second is a normal and necessary reaction to a loss, although there may be similar manifestations, but no death or suicide ideation. There is another picture called dysthymia, lower intensity. However, the patient feels that he has to make an effort to keep their activities. A feature that also defines depression is the inability to enjoy and to feel pleasure. 

Diagnosing depression

As often happens in mental health, it is customary to postpone the consultation, it is considered to be a blip. And sometimes it is, but also because in certain families or groups, depression is considered a weakness or fear much that one would cataloged sick. It is customary when a professional table defined as depression that have patients who feel uncomfortable. But in others it is a relief because they can put a name to something they did not know it was but limited them in their daily lives.


How to Treat Depression

The specialist Psychiatry must differentiate the severity of symptoms to intervene appropriately with psychopharmaceuticals, psychotherapy or a combination of both. The drugs used are antidepressants and psychotherapy allows the patient to regain their skills and self-esteem in a context of listening and understanding of the reasons intervened to trigger the box. Many times these situations that occurred in the past and who were silenced and, at present, the patient finds a way to externalize and treat them.

What often happens is that the patient leaves the depressive episode with learning about their situation and their own resources to deal with the complications of life. In severe cases, treatments should be more intensive and there is a risk of relapse in case of abandonment.


How you must act the environment of a patient with depression?

Family members need to have understanding with a patient with depression. It is not easy and requires a great effort because their relatives often do not even try.

What is suggested is be vigilant for ideas about death that may have the patient. On the other hand, it is recommended to have an attitude of tenderness and firmness, so that with depression can feel a security framework to lean. Often relatives get tired and angry by what they feel as unwillingness of the patient, when in fact it is not not want, but can not. Depression can last for months or years intermittently or intercritical, more or less prolonged periods in severe cases.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Héctor Grimberg

By Dr. Héctor Grimberg

Dr. Grimberg is an internationally renowned specialist in individual therapy as depression or anxiety and in the field of group therapy with psychodrama techniques. His extensive experience, both in Spain and Argentina, also includes several plays and numerous first class presentations and participation in conferences and round tables.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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