5 questions about minimally invasive veneers

Written by: Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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As an expert in dental veneers, both of porcelain, composite or Lumineers, Dr. Ferrandiz responds to the main concerns about this treatment used to enhance the shape and color of teeth.

¿You can put veneers without filing the tooth


• In some cases it may be feasible when the treatment is focused on increasing the size of the original tooth. Similarly, when it comes to veneers, tooth carving is minimal, oriented only to get a more retentive texture to be more durable restoration tooth.

• With very bad position of the original patient's teeth or want to change the color radically, is necessary to slightly alter the patient's tooth.

¿As the veneers are placed


• Standing with a resin cement with sophisticated and comfortable technique for the patient.

¿the treatment painful


• In no way is painful for the patient, even in the most cases cementation is without anesthesia.

¿The duration of these veneers is equal to conventional


• The duration of both long term and is highly effective. The more remaining tooth enamel, more solid is the retention of the veneer.

¿As should service


• Maintenance should be performed the same way as natural teeth: brush, floss and tartar must be removed periodically by the dental hygienist


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By Dr. José Antonio Ferrandiz Esteve

Odontologist internationally recognized, formed in the United States and a member of the College of Dentists of Catalonia Scientific Committee. It is one of the best doctors in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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