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Written by: Dr. Pablo Muñoz Cariñanos
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Otitis is an infectious disease that can affect different parts of the ear (external, middle or inner), causing inflammation. When otitis affects the outer ear (from the ear or auricle to the tympanic membrane) it is called external otitis or swimmer.

What are the causes of otitis externa?

This type of otitis usually affects both children and adults, especially those who spend a lot of time in the water, as those who frequent swimming or going far to the beach or pool in summer, why also called swimmer's ear.

Thus, excess moisture in the ear can irritate the skin and open, so as to facilitate the entry of bacteria or fungi. However, there are other factors that may cause otitis externa other than water, such as dry skin, eczema, clean the ear with cotton swabs or scratch it with an instrument.


What are the symptoms of otitis externa?

Otitis externa can be detected by one or more symptoms:

  • Itchy ear
  • Ear pain when swallowing or touching
  • Feeling ear corking
  • Swollen glands around
  • Swelling of the face and ear discharge (in severe cases)

In case you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to visit a specialist in otolaryngology to avoid any complications.


How can I prevent swimmer 's ear?

After each bath, it is advisable to carefully dry your ears with a towel and bowing his head to both sides so that water out of the ear. It is also important to avoid using swabs to clean the ear as they are very harmful. In the case of use, it must be cleaned only the ear or pinna, never heard, and only to remove the remains of earwax who have gone abroad.


What treatment requires otitis externa?

Once detected the disease, the main method to solve it is the application of antibiotic drops for 7-10 days or an oral antibiotic in the most severe cases. Of course, it is vital to strictly follow the advice of the specialist so that it heals completely.

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By Dr. Pablo Muñoz Cariñanos

Dr. Muñoz Cariñanos is a renowned specialist in otolaryngology who has over 15 years of experience. Having completed his training in Spain and the United States, currently the director of the Institute Cariñanos Muñoz, a specialist in treatments of diseases of ear, nose, throat and cosmetic surgery, clinical center located in Seville.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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