3 Key points about tinnitus

Written by: Dr. Johannes M. Gessner
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Tinnitus refer to any kind of noise in the ear, hiss, hum, clicks, background noises, etc.. we capture additionally.

Tinnitus is not usually a symptom of a serious disease, but it is recommended to consult a specialist in Otolaryngology do not go away after 24-36 hours to rule, first, a hearing problem.


Symptoms of tinnitus

It can occur in one ear or both. The tone may be constant, changing intensity or also be similar in character to the pulse. The most common are usually the high-pitched. In cases in which bother, can disrupt sleep and come to interfere with concentration and performing daily activities.


Causes of tinnitus

In many cases tinnitus are simply the symptom of a disease ear. It disappears if it is allowed to cure completely. In other cases tinnitus is a phenomenon that has no apparent reason and are most commonly found in industrialized countries. Therefore it is evident that the noise and pace of modern life have probably partly to blame.

15% of the population suffer from tinnitus or ringing and up to 50% perceive at specific times these ear noises. Also, as we get older, the more likely we suffer this disorder. But in most cases, it does not bother and do not need to make any specific treatment.


Treatment of tinnitus

Acute tinnitus (over three months) are tested to treat with medications, whereas in chronic tinnitus there is currently no effective drug treatment. If tinnitus is caused by hearing loss it can be decreased to restore hearing using hearing aids.

In those patients in whom there is significant involvement mood, psychological or psychopharmacological treatment to reduce anxiety, improve depression, it is fundamental.

Current treatment of chronic tinnitus is tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). The principle is that the cause of tinnitus is a bother altering the central level processing in the auditory pathway, so that tinnitus is a problem of perception and treatment requires two steps:

  • Eliminate the negative significance that tinnitus has for the patient, getting to become a neutral signal and an irrelevant stimulus to the brain. It is important to understand that is a tinnitus and that the goal is not to be removed completely, as this is unlikely, but the patient forget it. They practiced with the help of psychologists or psychotherapists, distraction strategies and methods of overcoming stress relaxation, yoga, tai-chi or qigong.
  • Sound therapy with the aim of getting tinnitus stay at a level in the auditory pathway that is not perceived and stop bothering. For sound therapy, if no hearing loss (decreased hearing), sound generators, small electronic devices that are placed in both ears and emit a white noise (constant sound formed throughout the frequency spectrum will be used sound). It must be used between cinoc and six hours a day, always without masking the tinnitus and comfortable level for the patient. They are also used when there hyperacusis or decreased tolerance to external sounds. In all cases it is recommended to avoid silence through sound environmental enrichment music, radio, television background, etc.

In 90% of patients who follow instructions, is achieved remove the annoyance of tinnitus, returning to his usual patient quality of life.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Johannes M. Gessner

Renowned expert in Otolaryngology, Dr. Gessner is an expert on all diseases and treatments related to ear, nose and throat; in addition to the surgical treatment in facial aesthetics. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Perugia (Italy) and Specialist in Otolaryngology in Germany.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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