10 aesthetic advice for men who care

Written by: Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Rodríguez
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

Although women have led the world of aesthetics in recent years, more and more men who care there. International Dermatology Clinic, 53% of patients are women general dermatology, so that 47% are men. However, the percentage of men who come to us for cosmetic dermatology is reduced to 15% of patients.

It's funny, but men have a different concept of beauty.

We care - and much- hair fall even have no qualms get hair implants if alopecia is more; we strive in gyms, and try to follow proper diets for flab not rise too fast. However, neither wrinkles or sagging we have never cared too.

We usually make us ashamed tweaks to improve the appearance of the face. It seems that the image of hard man Malboro in which we have educated goes against the facial rejuvenation non-invasive.

Still, the trend is to change.

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Within a decade, the number of men who have resorted to Botox has increased by more than 300%. The competitive environment of work and worship the image and the youth has made more men want to be in the market with a better look. In addition, our permanent appearance on social networks has made our image is increasingly public, so we try not to lose the opportunity to make a good first impression. For this reason, I'll give you a few tips for men who want to benefit from advances in cosmetic dermatology .

  • Use our anti - aging formula; in general, men are little constant for creams. However, following a simple protocol can help to have the most luminous skin. We recommend using a cream with Retinol 2 nights per week, combining it with a moisturizer all other nights. In the morning apply a cream with an antioxidant vitamin C type and 20% above the photoresist if we are to be outdoors. And above all, avoid sunburn; main cause of skin aging and increased risk factor for developing skin cancer.
  • Take care of your skin; I read in a magazine are the most attractive "mature" men of the time were, and they all had one thing in common: they had hair. It is therefore important to analyze the state of our hair health, and to assess if our parents have problems with alopecia. We must go to the dermatologist if we see that the entries are more or clears the crown area. If despite hair treatments, sessions Platelet Rich Plasma and the daily application of minoxidil hair does not stop growing you might consider hair implants. Today's new hair implant techniques are less aggressive and produce better cosmetic results. Although curiously many men come to our clinic for to remove unwanted hair in certain areas of the body such as the back, eyebrows, neck, etc.
  • Revitalize your skin: it is important skin care , revitalize and eliminate its imperfections through non - invasive techniques appropriate. Lasers and intense pulsed light are very effective to remove a non-aggressive those stains, blood vessels, scars, etc., and get a fresher and luminous skin. Mesotherapy hyaluronic acid (commonly called "vitamins") and sessions Platelet Rich Plasma help revitalize the skin.
  • Ask yourself resorting to Botox: If you see your eyebrows is very marked and transmits an image of concern, have a very marked rooster legs, etc., ask for an assessment to your dermatologist to recommend you if you are a candidate for Botox. Botulinum toxin is a good treatment to prevent wrinkles if injected so that the expression of the patient is maintained. In my opinion, it should be used in low doses, very personalized and keeping forehead wrinkles. When performing Botox technique it is very important to evaluate the position of the eyebrows; a man has the straight eyebrow and there is less distance between them and the upper eyelid. Therefore, the injection technique is different for men and women.
  • Beware fillings. You should not inject too stuffed, whether resorbable. We have many years of life and skin which has been injected many products not age naturally. Focus on revitalizing the skin and use techniques that induce the formation of your own collagen.
  • flaccidity; to improve without surgery have two interesting techniques: Ultherapy and thread lift. The first is an ultrasound system operating in the deep layer of the skin, beneath the fat, producing a tightening effect lasts at least one year (is what Americans call the "lifting installment"). Furthermore, the new tensioning threads can be inserted into the area we want to "stretch" to produce a double effect: firstly, the tensioner mechanical effect and, on the other, the induction of collagen producing material injected thread. The interesting thing is that both techniques fail to produce a tightening effect unfilled, ie, without giving volume. Ultherapy often we combined with thread lift for best results.
  • Take care eyelids. Eyelids tend to age in a more obvious way, especially in certain patients. They can be improved with non-invasive techniques, such as fractional CO2 laser or with Ultherapy, although the best results are obtained with minor surgery, such as minimally invasive surgical blepharoplasty.
  • Say goodbye to flab. At this age, men almost always have fat deposits that are not eliminated or losing weight or doing sport, especially in the abdomen or flanks. These handles can be easily removed with cold, by Coolsculpting technique that eliminates localized fat without surgery.
  • Destroy unwanted sweat. Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, sometimes can stain shirts and make us feel bad. Today we have several techniques to control, such as Botox, which is injected into the armpits and removes it for 9 months, and Miradry, emerging technique that removes underarm sweating permanently without surgery.
  • Most importantly, take care of yourself inside; do not smoke, stay at the right weight, watch the mind (yoga, meditation), eat healthy, exercise and do not forget the regular checkups, especially with the urologist (prostate cancer), gastrointestinal (colon cancer), dermatologist (revision or mapping moles) and family doctor or internist (assessment of cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension or cholesterol). And the same advice we give to women: do not be afraid to grow old; the anti aging we have lost from birth. Our wrinkles indicate what we laughed.
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Rodríguez

Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Rodriguez, oncological and aesthetic dermatologist, has been trained at the Mayo Clinic and the University of California San Francisco. He is currently the director of the International Dermatology Clinic. Dr. Ruiz is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and has been leading a session for 6 years at the prestigious AAD meeting in the USA. International lecturer is the author of numerous books and scientific publications. His specialty ranges from new skin cancer therapies to non-invasive facial rejuvenation based on discreet and elegant results. His work philosophy is summarized in his TED talk where he explains his vision of medicine: combining the innovation of modern dermatology with the return to the roots of medicine, where the doctor sometimes cures but must always relieve.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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