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Dr. Miguel Ramírez Backhaus

Doctor Miguel Ramírez Backhaus specialist in Urología

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Professional Statement

A pioneer in the application of the pelvic laparoscopy in the Hospital de la Ribera de Valencia, currently holds the IVO Foundation and Clinic of Urology and Andrology Doctor Rubio. He collaborated on several projects of scientific research, a member of the Editorial Committee of the magazine“Espanoles Archives of Urology” and the prestigious“International Journal of Urology&rdquo ;. He has made several international stays in different urologic centers, besides making various masters and become a teacher at the School of Physiotherapy, University San Pablo CEU.

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  • - More than 15 years of experience
  • - Professional experience
    1. • Urologo attachment Unit Laparoscopy Hospital Universitario La Fe, Valencia (2008-2009)
    2. • Urologo deputy and responsible for the implementation of laparoscopic pelvic surgery at the Hospital Universitario de La Ribera ( Alzira-Valencia, mayo 2009-2010 )
    3. • Deputy Urologo the IVO Foundation, subspecializes in laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive (November 2010)
    4. • Private activity UROSALUD ( Health Clinic )
    5. • Private activity Urology Clinic Doctor Rubio SL (Hospital October 9 )
    6. • Private activity in the Clinica Glorieta (Denia )
    7. • Basic and Clinical Research Activity in Genitourinary Tumors and photodynamic therapy for prostate pathology.
    8. • Resident of Urology at the University Hospital La Fe de Valencia (2003-2008)
    9. • Urologo Fellow of the University Clinic for eight months Leipzig (Germany, 2008)
    10. • Stay at the University Hospital Leipzig, Germany ( September 2004 )
    11. • Stay at University College of London ( September 2005 )
    12. • Stay at the University Hospital Leipzig, Germany ( September 2006 )
    13. • Stay at the University Hospital Homburg-Saal in Germany ( July 2010 )
    14. • Stay in NYC MSKCC USA (August 2011)
  • + Education
    1. • Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Navarra (1996-2002)
    2. • Course MIR Oviedo
    3. • Ph.D., University of Valencia qualification Cum Laude (2008-2010)
    4. • MIR Universitario La Fe Hospital in Valencia (2003-2008)
    5. • Radical prostatectomy Fellow of Clinica Universitaria Laparsocopica in Leipzig with Prof. Stolzenburg (2008-2009)
    6. • Master in Medical and Clinical Management by the UNED (2009-2011)
    7. • Master in Management and Health Research by the UNED (2010-2012)
    8. • Master in Molecular Oncology at CNIO and CEB (2012-2014)
    9. • 2 Institutional Researcher AEU studies led by Dr. Martinez Agullo
    10. • Investigator in a study of welfare concierge, led by Dr. Martinez Agullo
    11. • Principal investigator project external validation of molecular nodal staging bladder cancer on paraffin-embedded samples
    12. • Research Associate: Oncofid-PB (paclitaxel-hyaluronic acid) in the intravesical therapy of patients With non-muscle invasive bladder Cancer of the. A phase II marker lesion study No. protocol R39-09-01
  • + Professor
    1. • Monitor and professor at several courses of laparoscopic surgery with live surgeries national and international meetings indole
    2. • Teaching Experience in School of Physiotherapy Universidad San Pablo CEU
  • + Publications and conferences
    1. • Reviewer, moderator and rapporteur of the European and National Congress of Urology from the year 2010.
    2. • Author of 42 scientific articles:9 in international journals and 33 in national journals
    3. • He has made more than 30 submissions, oral, posters and videos on international scientific congresses and 90 in national
    4. • Author of 14 book chapters
    5. • Moreno-Alarcon C, Ramirez-Backhaus M, Pelechano-Gomez P, Ortiz-Rodriguez IM, Rubio-Briones J, Rodriguez-Torreblanca C, E Solsona-Narbon. Nephrometry scores:interobserver reproducibility and perioperative factors prediction. Urol. 2014 April 1
    6. • Borque A, Rubio-Briones J, Esteban LM, Sanz G, Dominguez-Escrig J, Ramirez-Backhaus M, Calatrava A, E. Solsona Implementing the use of nomograms by choosing threshold points in predictive models:2012 updated Partin Tables vs a European predictive nomogram for organ-confined disease in prostate cancer.. BJU Int. 2013 October 29.
    7. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Rubio-Briones J, Collado A, Casanova J, Gomez-Ferrer A, Dominguez J, Ricos JV, Monros JL, Iborra I, E. Solsona Radical Prostatectomy is a Reasonable Treatment for Patients Over 70 Years of Age. Urol 2014 January-February;38 ( 1):. 21-27.
    8. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Rubio-Briones J, Calatrava-Fons A, Gomez-Ferrer A, Collado A, Iborra I, Monros JA, Rich J, Solsona Narbon E.Margin status is a prognostic factor for Very Important pT3b With prostate cancer patients. Urol 2013 Oct; 37 ( 9):. 538-43.
    9. • Backhaus M Ramirez, Juan Escudero J, Marti Palmero JL, Rodriguez Ortiz IM, Rubio Briones J, Stolzenburg JU, Benedict Redon A, Dominguez J Escrig, Collado Serra A, Gomez-Ferrer A, Casanova J, Rodriguez Torreblanca C, Solsona E Narbon. Importance of transurethral resection of the prostate previous before eerpe.short-term functional outcomes in a single surgeon series. Arch Esp Urol 2012 Sep;65 ( 7):. 675-83.
    10. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Arlandis Guzman S, Garcia Frederic G, Agullo M, Martinez Garcia R, Jimenez-Cruz JF. Nocturnal enuresis. A frequent problem with a Difficult estimation of STI prevalence. Urol 2010 May;34 ( 5):. 460-6.
    11. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Bahilo P, Arlandis S, Santamaria Navarro C, Pontoons JL Moreno, F. Jimenez-Cruz Prospective validation of a nomogram predictive of a positive initial prostate biopsy. Urol 2010 Jan; 34 ( 1):. 35-42.
    12. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Martinez Agullo E, Arlandis Guzman S, Gomez Perez L, Delgado Oliva F, Martinez Garcia R, Jimenez JF Cruz. Prevalence of nocturnal enuresis in the Valencian Community. Pediatric section of the NationalIncontinence Survey. The EPICC Study. Urol 2009 Oct;33 ( 9):. 1011-8.
    13. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Rabenalt R, Jain S, C M, Liatsikos E, Ganzer R, Horn LC, Burchardt M, Jimenez-Cruz F, Stolzenburg JU. Value of frozen section biopsies During radical prostatectomy:significance of the histological results. World J Urol 2009 Apr; 27 ( 2):. 227-34.
    14. • Lujan Marco S, Garcia Frederic G, M Ramirez Backhaus, Arlandis Guzman S, Martinez Agullo E, Jimenez JF Cruz. Urological findings in spinal cord ischemia. Urol 2008 Oct;32 ( 9):. 926-30.
    15. • Ramirez-Backhaus M, Trassierra M, Pontoons JL, Lujan S, DiCapua C, Rabenalt R, Stolzenburg JU, Cruz Jimenez F. Significance of residual hyperplastic cells after radical prostatectomy. A literature review. Urol 2008 Oct;32 ( 9):. 873-8.
    16. • Di Capua Sacoto C, Bahilo Mateu P, Ramirez Backhaus M, Gimeno Argente V, Pontoons JL Moreno, JF Cruz Jimenez. Pneumoscrotum secondary to bilateral pneumothorax tension. Urol 2008 Jul-Aug;32 ( 7):. 756-8.
    17. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Villa TM, Mateu BP, PJ Moreno, Navarro SC, JL Ruiz-Cerda, Donoso VC, JJ Cruz. A preliminary mathematical model for patients with a previous negative prostate biopsy. Urol 2008 Mar;32 ( 3):. 281-7
    18. • Trassierra Villa M, Bonilla MA Garcia, Miguel Cervera JI, Ramirez Backhaus M, Marti Palmero JL, Cruz Jimenez F. Temporal arteritis as initial manifestation of renal cell carcinoma. Urol 2007 Nov-Dec;31 ( 10) :. 1179-1181.
    19. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Trassierra Villa M, Arlandis Guzman S, Delgado Oliva F, F Tormo Boronat, JF Cruz Jimenez. Prostate biopsy strategies. A review of the literature. Urol 2007 Nov-Dec;31 ( 10) :. 1089-1099.
    20. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Trassierra Villa M, Broseta Rico E, Gimeno Argente V, Arlandis Guzman S, Alonso Gorrea M, Jimenez JF Cruz. Urethral diverticulum. Our casuistic and the literature review. Urol 2007 Sep;31 ( 8):. 863-71.
    21. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Trassierra Villa M, Vera Donoso CD, JF Cruz Jimenez. Photodynamic therapy in Localised prostate cancer. Urol 2007 Jun;31 ( 6):. 633-41.
    22. • Gimeno Argente V, Bosquet Sanz M, M Ramirez Backhaus, Trassierra Villa M, Arlandis Guzman S, JF Cruz Jimenez. Spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage:our experience at last 10 years. Urol 2007 May;31 ( 5):. 521-7.
    23. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Trassierra Villa M, Arlandis Guzman S, Bosquet Sanz M, Pontoons JL Moreno, JF Cruz Jimenez. Yield diagnosis of the peripheral cores in extended prostate biopsy needle 10. Urol 2007 Jan;31 ( 1):. 11-6.
    24. • Gimeno Argente V, Bosquet Sanz M, M Ramirez Backhaus, Trassierra Villa M, Budia Alba A, Jimenez JF Cruz. Penis and testicle injuries shotgun. Urol 2006 Oct; 30 ( 9):. 965.
    25. • Lujan Marco S, Budia Alba A, Bango Garcia V, Ramirez Backhaus M, Delgado Oliva FJ, JF Cruz Jimenez. Traumatic testicular dislocation. Urol 2006 Apr; 30 ( 4):. 409-11.
    26. • Ramirez Backhaus M, Queipo Zaragoza JA, JL Marti Palmero, Alapont Alacreu JM, FJ Vera Sempere, JF Cruz Jimenez. Small cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder in a young man. A case report and literature review. Urol 2006 Mar;30 ( 3):. 326-30.
    27. Publications in the National Institute of Health
  • + Recognition and awards
    1. • Storz Fellow at the International Society Endourological
    2. • Two awards for Oral Communications in scope regional conferences
    3. • Fellowship of the College of Physicians of Valencia, for training abroad
    4. • Help for realization of doctoral thesis. Research Foundation. Hospital Universitario La Fe
    5. • First prize in the contest residence to 2008. Commission on Teaching Hospital Universitario La Fe
    6. • Best Reviewer of the revised Espanoles Files Urologia Awards Edition XXXIII Perez Castro. Reviewer Finalist review Espanoles Files Urologia XXXIV Editions:XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI Awards Perez Castro
    7. • Scholarship Pedro Cifuentes Urology Research Foundation. AEU
  • + Professional membership
    1. • Member of the Valencian, Spanish and European Association of Urology.
    2. • Member of the International Association of endourology and laparoscopy
    3. • Member of Editorial Board of the scientific journal Archives Spaniards of Urology
    4. • Reviewers Team member magazine International Journal of Urology and World Journal Of Urology
  • - Languages spoken
    1. • German
    2. • Spanish
    3. • English

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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