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Dr. Jaume Tarradellas Bertran

Doctor Jaume Tarradellas Bertran specialist in Neurología

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Bonanova Institut Médic

Paseo Bonanova 69, 1º , 08017 Barcelona

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Bonanova Institut Médic

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Other information:


  • - More than 35 years of experience
  • - Professional experience
    1. • Member of Faculty of Institut Universitari Dexeus (IUD ), a specialist in neurology, from 1983 to the year 2008
    2. • In 1985, creation of the Electromyography Laboratory within structuring deGuardias IUD and 24 hours for emergency neurological care
    3. • In 1986, a service organization with a hospital neurology settings, the first of its features created in a private institution in our country. In the same year, constitute multi - disciplinary units, both the new Clinica del Dolor as the Committee Spine
    4. • In 1988 integration into the new Department of Medicine IUDexeus
    5. • Since 1989, creating units within the Neurology Service. The first was the Neuromuscular Pathology, integrating Electromyography. In 1991 the Unit for Memory Disorders is formed, incorporating the Laboratory of Neuropsychology. In 1993, collaboration in the implementation of a new Interdisciplinary Headache Unit IUD
    6. • Since 1995, dedication integrates Neurology Clinic, with special interest in the differential diagnosis and treatment of the most common neurological problems, including disorders of movement and cognition (memory and other cognitive domains). While scientific activity within the Institut own Univ.Dexeus is promoted by the organization and participation in courses, conferences and Sessions Clinics
    7. • Since 1999 the approach to Psychiatry is concrete, working since then in consultation with Prof. Dr. Luis Salvador - Carulla
    8. • Since 2008 integration in Bonanova Institut Medic ( BIM ), which includes a group of doctors from various specialties, which belonged to the former IUD Walk of Bonanova and promote a relationship with patients based on professional excellence while reinforcing both a next and humane way of practicing medicine
  • + Education
    1. • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Teaching Unit of the Hospital de Sant Pau. 1976
    2. • Specialist in Internal Medicine. Hosp.Gral.Ntra.Sra. Hope. University. Autonoma of Barcelona. 1979
    3. • Specialist in Neurology. Hosp.Gral. Nuestra. Sra. 's Hope. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona 1983
    4. • PhD courses at UAB from 1977 to 1978. Bachelor Degree 1977
    5. • Licenc courses. in Psychology at the Univ. Barcelona (UB ) 1973-1974
  • + Professor
    1. • Neurological Disorders and Pregnancy : 1 ) Epileptic Crisis: Practical Guidance on the use of antiepileptic drugs in gestation. 2) Headache: clinical and therapeutic position. Medical Pathology Course of Pregnancy. Department. Gine and Obst. January 1991
    2. • Polyradiculoneuropathy. Guillain -Barre Syndrome. Clinical and electro - fisiologico.Presentacion practicos.Dpto.Med.Jun1.991 case study
    3. • Paraparesis due to spinal cord compression. Clinical Cases. Clinica Medico - Surgical Session. Auditorium Institut Dexeus. February 1992
    4. • Peripheral Facial Paralysis: Clinical and electrophysiological diagnosis. Prognosis and position Terapeutica.Dpto.deMedicina.IDMarzo1.992
    5. • Syndrome of intracranial hypertension during gestation. Clinico- therapeutic position. Presentation of clinical cases of Neurology Service. Department. Gine. and Obst. IUD. June 1993
    6. • Huntington 's disease. Clinical and Treatment. Apropos of practical cases of IUD Neurology Service. October 1993
    7. • Disease Tics and Gilles de la Tourette. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Counseling. In collaboration with Dr.. C. Puig. IUD Auditorium December 1984
    8. • Secondary headaches. Counseling and Therapeutic Clinic. Presentation of practical cases, evolutionary control. In the Course on Advances in Medicine organized by Interna.IUD Serv of Medicine. October 1996
    9. • Treatment with Botulinum Toxin . Current applications and future alternatives to Botox. Dept. of Neurociencias.IUD January 1997
    10. • Course on Botulinum Toxin and therapeutic applications. Organized by ID Neurology, led by Dr Taradellas and coordinated by Dr Miquel. Characteristics and mode of action of Botulinum Toxin: General and clinical aspects of treatment. April 1966
    11. • Cranial Neuralgias. Their clinical expression and treatment. Differential Diagnosis. Types. Discussion of practical cases. May 1995 Annual Doctoral Course on Primary and Secondary Headache . Serv. Neurology of IUD
    12. • Headache Secondary to Vascular Disorders. (Course Doct. Headaches ) position Diagnostics and Therapeutics. Differential Diagnosis. Etiology. Case Studies. Starring.IUD protocols. Mayo1.996 - 97- 98
    13. • New perspectives in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease Focus on the practical use of new drugs. Evolutionary criteria. Levodopa and motor fluctuations. COMT inhibitors. Meeting Neurociencias.IUD Department. March 1999
    14. • Cranial Neuralgias. Differential Diagnosis . Trigeminal Neuralgia, Glossopharyngeal and Occipital. Case Studies. IUD. April 2000
    15. • Headache Secondary to Hemorrhagic Lesion . Pathophysiology. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Intracranial Hematoma. Vascular Malformations. Thunderclap. Arterial dissection. ( Doct Headache Course ) IUD. May 2001
    16. • Alterations in March. Clinic and treatment. Clinical manifestations. Alteration patterns. Epidemiology. Counseling practice. In the series: Els Dimecres Institut. IUD. April 2001
    17. • The Earthquake and its treatment. Differential Diagnosis. Clinical and Counseling Terapeutica.Dentro cycle: Els Dimecres Institut. IUD. Jan 2002
    18. • The dizziness as a symptom. Differential Diagnosis . Vertigo. Imbalance. Diagnosis and Treatment. Physiological dizziness. Practical conclusions. Within the cycle of Institut.IUD Dimecres Els. May 2003
    19. • Crisis in Gestation and Eclampsia . Ionic Channels. Pathophysiology. In acute symptomatic Crisis Course, organized by the Study Group of Epilepsy SEN at the annual Meeting. Barcelona. Palau de Congresos de Catalunya. December 2003
  • + Publications and conferences
    1. • Cranial Neuralgias Its clinical expression and treatment. Jaume Taradellas.In monografico / Headache Thread.Volumen 28, Num 10, pages 492-498 Integrative Medicine (preventive and primary care medicine in health care ): Dec.1996. Editorial Idepsa. Madrid
    2. • Headache induced by use, misuse or suppression of painkillers Jaume Taradellas. Chapter 5, pages 72-76. Epidemiology. Concept. Pathophysiology. Use of non- analgesic drugs. Pharmacological, symptomatic and preventive treatment. In Headache. Nolasc Acarin, FeliuTitus, Santiago Dexeus.1997. Publisher Harcourt Brace de Espana SA.Madrid
    3. • Analgo - Anesthesia in Pregnant Women with Neurological Disease Jaime Taradellas. C.Gomar and S.Suarez. Capt 23, pp 699-733: Crisis epileptic HipertensionEndocraneana Pat.Vascular Cerebral Sclerosis Parkinson Dis Mutiple myotonic syndrome Neurofibromatosis Spinal Cord Injury........
    4. • Crisis during gestation and eclampsia. Bridging the ion channels ( Seizures During Pregnancy and eclampsia. A bridge over ion channels) Jaume Taradellas. In acute symptomatic Crisis. Preeclampsia / Eclampsia: Concept and Advocacy. Ion channels. Epileptogenesis. Neurological care of pregnant women with epileptic seizures. Neurology 2002: 16.Suplemento 2.MS # 2227
    5. • Support for caregivers of people with Alzheimer , innovative lines provided by experts ( Annex IV). Jaume Taradellas.Innovacion and best practices in nonprofit organizations. Edit Caixa Catalunya. Social Work. L.Salvador, M. Poole, M. Nadal. First edition in April 2009 Barcelona
  • + Professional membership
    1. • Member of Teaching Committee of Our Lady General Hosp. 's Hope. Secretary of the same in the years 1979-1980
    2. • Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Catalunya and Balears
    3. • Member of the Catalan Society of Neurology ( SCN)
    4. • Full member of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN )
    5. • Member of the Study Group: Movement Disorders
    6. • Member of European Federation of Neurological Societies ( EFNS )
    7. • Member of the American Academy of Neurology ( AAN )
  • - Languages spoken
    1. • Catalan
    2. • Spanish
    3. • French
    4. • English
    5. • Italian

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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"me atendieron perfectamente a la hora pevista y con una excelente profesionalidad a lo que yo puedo valorar"
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"El Dr. Tarradelas es un gran profesional, de trato amable y comprensivo. Un médico de confianza."
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r. i. who booked an appointment with Dr. Jaume Tarradellas Bertran in Bonanova Institut Médic the day 18/11/2015

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