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Amalia Bayonas Blánquez

Doctora Amalia Bayonas Blánquez specialist in Psicología

NPI: PV 3734

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Why is a premier specialist?

Renowned psychologist in Valencia, Mrs. Amalia Bayonas is responsible for Psychological Cabinet IVF Valencia since 2008. It holds the development of Psychological Support Program patients, donor testing and is also a member of the Ethics Committee . He has been a partner and co-director of Psicomed Valencia for 5 years, where he was responsible individual and couple therapy for patients treated for asistidada reproduction and psychotherapy to adults in general. Clinical Psychologist from the University of Valencia and a Diploma in Psychotherapy at the University of Miami in 1979, has also made numerous specialization courses on bereavement or treatment of sexual dysfunction, among others. He

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FIV Valencia

C/ Santa Rosa 12, 46220 Valencia

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FIV Valencia

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  • - More than 20 years of experience
  • - Professional experience
    1. • Psychological Cabinet responsible for FIV VALENCIA (2008-present)
    2. • Partner and Co-director Psicomed Valencia (1997-2002)
    3. • Development of prevention campaigns and emotional well-being in women's associations
  • + Education
    1. • Psychologist specializing in Clinical Psychology from the University of Valencia
    2. • Bachelor thesis. Department of Social Psychology University of Valencia. Rating: outstanding
    3. • Diploma in Psychotherapy at the University of Miami (1978-1979)
    4. • Specialization courses: Treatment of grief, anxiety and depression treatment. Treatment of sexual dysfunction, psychological testing and diagnosis with projective personality, etc.
  • + Professor
    1. • Teaching Workshop Intervention Psychology of Assisted Reproduction at the University of Barcelona, ​​Master of Psychology Assisted Human Reproduction (May 2013)
  • + Publications and conferences
    1. • Taught numerous talks to patients: Impact of infertility in the couple psychology, psychological aspects of RA; Healthy habits and fertility; Acceptance of donated gametes; among others
    2. • Taught numerous talks professionals: Communicating bad news; Treatment of difficult patients; Psychological interference in RA; ADHD and gamete donation; Bereavement in RA; among others
  • + Professional membership
    1. • Member of the Commission for Coordination of Psychology Interest Group of the Spanish Society of Fertility
  • - Languages spoken
    1. • Spanish
    2. • English

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